Step 1. Card Front

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Card Design: This page is used to design the Front of the card.

All our personalised greetings cards are designed in three parts. The front of the greeting card contains an image with some text usually above and below. On the inside the right side usually contains a verse, whilst the left side can be filled with a longer message if appropriate.

1. This is the Front side
of the card.

2. This is the Inside Right
of the card.

3. This is the Inside Left
of the card (Optional).
Update/Next: After changing text, fonts, colours, sizes etc. click the "Update" button to see the changes as it will appear on the card. (See WYSIWYG section below)

When you have finished the design click the "Next ->" button to move to the next screen where you design the inside of the card.
Layouts: Try out different layouts by changing the option box "Layouts". You do not need to click Update after changing layout.

After clicking Update you may loose some of the text if you move to a layout that doesn't support the type of text.
Text: Type the text you want on the card. The text boxes available are dependent on the layout chosen.
Font: Try out different Fonts by changing the option box "Font". Please be aware that your ability to see a particular font properly depends on the font being installed on your system. We have therefore only included fonts that are available across a variety of different systems.
Font Colour: Try out different Font colours by changing the option box "Font Colour"
Font Size: Set font size in the option box "Font Size". By default this is set to "Auto Fit" which means that the font size will be set automatically depending on the length of each line.

If you think the font size is getting too small, try and split the text into more than one line. Please bear in mind though that, depending on the layout and font size, only a certain number of lines are permitted.
WYSIWYG: Please note that the design and colours you see in your browser, may not be exactly the same when printed. This is due to the differences in technology between the web browser, printing software and equipment.

We do though try match it as best we can and in most cases it is indeed the same.

(WYSIWYG = "What You See Is What You Get")

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