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The Lager Bruce...........
Throw out the flamin' Lager, Bruce
Well Geof, if thats what you call a maiden over, I'd hate to see it when your not on form !!!
Darren sometimes enjoyed a nights fist fight with himself......
The prize to find the lost nipple had attracted more staff than Mike had thought possible.
Even in his cell Roger would be up to his old tricks.
Never could stop practising his hurdling technique
For Gods sake Kevin that was the childrens Budgie..
Cheeta if ya keep goin' ooh ooh every time ya get a good hand, it kinda spoils the game a bit...
Doms party trick
Look no hands
Even being the only man around, surrounded by birds, Stepehen still couldn't pull
Merry Flashing Christmas to you
The Women around here are all the same
Fur Coat and No Knickers
Janice at your age you should be used to Spiders legs
Steven Happy Birthday....
your nearly as old as the Club now.
Merry Christmas George,
your nearly as old as the Club.
Love may be beautiful, Love may be bliss
But I only slept with you cause I was pissed
Dave you drunken fool
I said the PUPPY in the basket and the TURKEY in the oven
Mr Frisby
whilst partaking in our afternoon frolics please remove your company tie
With the oncoming Housing price crash, Debbie reverted to some old fashioned selling tactics
Frank couldn't understand why Dave didn't quite grasp the Easter Bunny concept

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